Tuesday, 20 December 2016

drop by drop

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tatted ornament/jewelry/cabochon using large glass beads, mirrors, etc.
edited Dec 21, 2016

I caved. What do you expect, when Diane keeps dropping off these gorgeous little beauties daily on her blog?! Instead of working on my planned projects, the mood got to me. I gathered all the materials, strung the beads, wound the shuttle, refreshed Diane’s excellent stepwise pictorial, and went to play, basking in the warm winter sun.

 Ice Drops
Diane (lace-lovin’ librarian) Cademartori

 Magnified !
A while back, some 3D movie promo scheme had sent in a pair of glasses with magnifying lens. Don’t know why I kept it, except that the lenses looked very cute. Tore off the paper specs & got to work with the lens.
The lens is a bit flat for this ornament, but had to make do for now.
It is a bit over 1”, hence strung beads for 8 repeats; 7 repeats sufficed.
Unfortunately the transparent beads don’t show up clearly in the pic, but the ice drop looks Fantastic – DH was impressed and considered it a pendant. He guessed right for a change, coz I wanted to keep my options open & didn’t tie any ribbon, string or tatted braid.
TIP : I used a Fujito Join slope and roll join for the second round. The Lock Join didn’t seem to come out right for me. So instead, I pulled out a loop with the ball thread & passed the shuttle through. That’s all.
There are a few mistakes in round 2, which I noticed later – a bit of twist in a ring & a chain.
Here's how it looks from the 'back' ...

Mirrored ! 
My second Ice drop is made with 2 mirrors glued back to back. This idea had been on my mind ever since the pattern was shared. I checked the edges & they were smooth. A tad less than 1” across.
Everything went very smoothly. A vintage size 20 thread, which is slightly thinner than the newer one I used above.

TIP : For directional tatting (frontside/backside) :
Round 1 (the back of the bead) – tat rings frontside, RW, and chains frontside as well.
Round 2 (front of bead) – tat rings frontside, RW, chains backside.
Finished off with a beaded loop. Absolutely reversible.

I can vouch for their "addictiveness" ! Wanted to keep making them – they are so quick to tat up and look oh so pretty in real, even though I didn’t have the specific materials. The only downside (always) was stringing beads. Should stick to larger pearls ;-)

many thanks to Diane & Edda Guastalla
for such a delightful addiction !

happy tatting always :-)


  1. They are beautiful and love the directions I stared one and thought I had enough thread on shuttles but did not so not I made little trouble and left it for a bit. I am really bad sometimes with the way I just move on, wanting to tat so many things it's ruff to stay focused.

    1. Just TOO many temptations, Carollyn !!! But everything is so pleasurable ;-P
      I believe my fully loaded Pony shuttle bobbin could easily tat 2 ice drops; the chains coming from the ball.

  2. Thanks for the front side tip. It makes perfect sense, along with the join.

    1. Mel, I just made a correction to the join - it is slope & roll not Fujito (I didn't 'pop' the thread back). I always get confused with some terms. I've updated the post, with link to the S&R join.

  3. Haha! I like that you caved! I love your inventiveness! I only used one mirror, and I wish I had either used two or put a tiddlywink on the back. The dull silver makes a poor showing. Maybe I should have painted on some clear glitter nail polish! I was a bit disappointed in the quality of the mirrors I ordered. They have rough edges and require gentle sanding to smooth them out.

    1. So glad you liked them, Diane! These are recycled mirrors - can't remember where I unglued them from (possibly some gift box) - they were too beautiful to throw away ;-P
      But I agree that mirrors within the tatting can always pose a longevity problem for the thread.

  4. I like your idea of the mirrors, still not tatted one yet, but there's time.

  5. Diane's ice drops are definitely on my to-do list.

  6. You haven't the end of these, Margaret & Jane ;-D I want to make another with curled rings & overlapping rings !

  7. Beautiful ice drops! I must find some gems to make some :).

    1. Thanks Jenn :-) Make sure you have Plenty of gems - it can be quite addictive and friends & family will keep asking for some :-D